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Yes, we can arrange the shipment.

Through Paypal, wire transfers, oxxo deposit and we accept credit cards.

  • We ship your order in 15 to 20 business days depending on the season and we are still the fastest in the market.
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Cocktail and Dinner Napkins.

From 10 boxes of 1 and 2 inks and from 20 boxes of 3 and 4 inks.

Due to the complex process we use, the minimum order is 150 boxes.

You can share with us your editable logo, the fonts you use and the Pantone shades.

Paper is manufactured based on criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment. In our paper manufacturing processes, we save up to 86% of water, 30% of electric energy and we do not cut down a single tree, as we do not use virgin fibers, thus contributing to the care of our environment. Making us the most sustainable way to advertise your business or service. 

It is a rectangular napkin measuring 11 x 20 cm hat can be printed in 1 and 2 inks, in double sheet. Excellent to put on your table. 

It can be made in white paper, kraft and 18 colors.

We use recyclable fibers to obtain our paper and our inks are food-grade water-based, which do not contaminate food or cause damage when in contact with skin, making our best effort to be part of a positive change.

It is a fine paper that is characterized by its excellent creping, providing elasticity, softness, absorbency and ecology.

It is made of cellulose fiber that has been obtained from vegetable fibers and blends of virgin fibers.

For the production of our "Tissue" paper, we do not use components that contaminate the material, complying with the highest quality standards and requirements of the U.S.A. and the E.U.

It does not contain cardboard waste so we use vegetable pigments for the production of kraft paper.

The product does not contain substances classified as hazardous.

Regulated by the norm NMX-N-092-SCFI-2008.

That's right, we are the only ones in Mexico to manufacture colored napkins in up to 18 shades with and without printing.

- 9,000 pieces per box in single sheet in cocktail type.

- 6,000 pieces per box in double sheet in cocktail type.

- 4.320 pieces perbox in dinner type.

- The single sheet is 1 sheet of paper per napkin.

- The double sheet is 2 sheets of paper per napkin. Making it thicker, stronger and more efficient. We are the only ones in the market in Mexico to offer double sheet.

The napkins meet resistance and humidity specifications. They are 100% biodegradable, free of foreign odors and impurities.

15 working days after full payment of your napkins.

Freight is payable.

- Continuous embossing is a discreet and uniform texture that will cover the entire napkin, providing a rough sensation.

- The Border is a repeating texture that is visible only on two side sides of the napkin (bottom and right) and the rest of the napkin is smooth, simulating a frame.

  • Vectors
  • Pantone (PMS)
  • No photos.


*Design of napkins free of charge once the total payment of your order has been made.